320 million years

Period: Carboniferous
Location: Lancashire, UK

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Fossil findings have put evolutionists in such a position that they can no longer defend their claims regarding the origins of plants. N.F. Hughes, an evolutionist paleobotanist, confesses as such: . . . With few exceptions of detail, however, the failure to find a satisfactory explanation has persisted, and many botanists have concluded that the problem is not capable of solution, by use of fossil evidence. (N. F. Hughes, Paleobiology of Angiosperm Origins: Problems of Mesozoic Seed-Plant Evolution, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1976, pp. 1-2.) One of the specimens that make it impossible for Darwinists to defend the theory of evolution is the 320-million-year-old fern pictured. Evolutionists fail to give any explanation for this example, which is one of the countless fossils showing that plants have not evolved, but were created by God.

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