50 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Cache Creek Formation, British Columbia, Canada

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Through almost unceasing propaganda, Darwinist publications try to show evolution as a scientific theory, inculcating the lie that "Evolution is scientific." However many scientists—including evolutionists—point out that Darwin"s theory is far from being supported by any scientific evidence. One of them, the Turkish evolutionist Cemal Yildirim, expresses how evolution lacks scientific support: No scientist (whether be Darwinist or neo-Darwinist) can suggest the notion that the theory of evolution is proved. (Cemal Yildirim, Evrim Kurami ve Bagnazlik [The Theory of Evolution and Bigotry], Bilgi Publishing, January 1989, pp. 56-57.) As Darwinists also confess, although there exists not a single scientific finding supporting evolution, countless fossils prove that living species were created. One of these is the 50-million-year-old fossilized soapberry leaf pictured here.

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