45 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Baltic States, Jantarny, Russia

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It can be seen that the 45-million-year-old millipede and two spiders in Baltic amber are no different from their counterparts alive today. Spiders of different species are able to set up various mechanical traps- underwater nests, lassos made out of web, chemical poison sprays, jumping from very high places by holding a string of web stronger than steel produced in their body, and camouflage. These arachnids can also make webs that are architectural and engineering wonders. Their bodies contain combs that work like a textile factory, labs producing chemicals, organs secreting very strong digestive secretions, sensors detecting the most sensitive vibrations, strong clamps that inject venom, and many other features evidencing Creation. When all these characteristics are considered, spiders alone are an important challenge to the theory of evolution and once again refute the Darwinists" claim of coincidence.

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