25 million years

Period: Oligocene
Location: Dominic Republic

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Amphipods, reminiscent of wood lice in terms of their general appearance, are represented by two sub-orders. They mainly live in deep seas and fresh water, while some species also live in warm, humid locations on dry land. One of the most important features of those living by the shore is their very powerful sense of direction. It is God Who creates, knows and Who at every moment keeps under control the universe, the galaxies with their extraordinary balances, life on Earth, all the known and unknown varieties of living things, their life styles, and human beings—as well as a single enzyme in the DNA possessed by every living thing, a single leaf that falls from just one of all the billions of trees in the world, a single micro-organism on the surface of that leaf, and the organelles in that micro-organism responsible for photosynthesis. It is certainly an easy for Almighty God to create countless living things, all very different to one another at the time He chooses, and all in a single moment. The 25-million-year-old sandhopper pictured is one of the proofs of God"s sublime creation.

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