7.3 million years

Period: Miocene
Location: Shan Dong, China

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On the basis of some elements of ape behavior, Darwinists maintain that monkeys and human beings are both descended from a common ancestor. They claim that monkeys one day decided to descend from the trees, to walk upright, to speak, sing, and compose music, to construct buildings and to make scientific discoveries, and thus turned into human beings. In that case, similar processes of transition must also apply to other living things. Since cheetahs, for example, are able to run very fast, they should one day be able to alter their physical structures and turn into sentient beings winning gold medals at the Olympic Games. However, a look at the scientific facts reveals that cheetahs, tigers, wolves, fox, lions and leopards—in short, all animals—never changed at all. The same stability or stasis also applies to apes and human beings. Apes have always existed as apes, and human beings as human beings.

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