Age : 50 million years
Period : Eocene
Location : British Columbia, Canada
Biologist Francis Hitching states that the millions of fossil specimens gathered so far do not support Darwin"s theory of evolution: If we find fossils, and if Darwin"s theory was right, we can predict what the rock should contain; finely graduated fossils leading from one group of creatures to another group of creatures at a higher level of complexity. The "minor improvements" in successive generations should be as readily preserved as the species themselves. But this is hardly ever the case. In fact, the opposite holds true . . . (Francis Hitching, The Neck of the Giraffe: Where Darwin Went Wrong, New Haven: Ticknor and Fields, 1982, p. 40.) Just as Francis Hitching said, the fossil pictured shows that ginkgo leaves have remained the same for 50 million years, also showing the inaccuracy of Darwinist claims.