54-37 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Lincoln County, Wyoming, USA

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Stingrays are cartilaginous fish. In the face of a threat, they defend themselves with the stings on their tails. Their eyes are located above their flattened bodies and their mouths are underneath. Just like sharks, they find their food by using their sense of smell and by electrical senses. They generally live submerged on the ocean floor, with only their eyes and tails discernable. The fossil pictured evidences that fish have not undergone evolution. Stingrays that lived 50 million years ago were no different from the ones living today. Despite the passage of millions of years, no change has occurred in the structure of stingrays. If evolution had really taken place, then stingrays would have undergone various stages, leaving behind many fossils documenting these sequential stages. However each fossil discovered reveal that today"s stingrays and those that lived in the past are the same. All these deny the claims of evolutionists.

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