95 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Haqel, Lebanon

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The fossil record shows that not just some, but all the fossil species that have been discovered have remained unchanged throughout the course of their existence. This fact was stated in the April 2003 of the magazine Focus, despite its being an evolutionist publication, which dealt with the subject of the coelacanth. ". . . the number of organisms which bear the closest of similarities to fossil specimens from millions of years ago is actually quite large. For instance, the shellfish known as neopilina has not changed for 500 million years, the scorpion for 430 million years, the limulus, an armored sea creature with a sword-like tail, for 225 million years, and the tuatara, a reptile found only in New Zealand, for 230 million years. Many arthropods, crocodiles, turtles and many species of plant can also be added to the list." One of those living things that have remained unchanged for millions of years is the eel pictured here. Aged 95 million years, it is proof that living things do not change?in other words, that they do not evolve.

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