89 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Gan Su, China

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The so-called "mammal-like reptiles" that evolutionists point to as the supposed forerunners of mammals are separate life forms that are now extinct. But these have neither a common ancestor with mammals, nor did they change into any other life form. Evolutionist George Gaylord Simpson admits how mammals appear suddenly in the fossil record: The most puzzling event in the history of life on earth is the change from the Mesozoic, the Age of Reptiles, to the Age of Mammals. It is as if the curtain were rung down suddenly on the stage where all the leading roles were taken by reptiles, especially dinosaurs, in great numbers and bewildering variety, and rose again immediately to reveal the same setting but an entirely new cast, a cast in which the dinosaurs do not appear at all, other reptiles are supernumeraries, and all the leading parts are played by mammals of sorts barely hinted at in the preceding acts. (George Gaylord Simpson, Life Before Man, New York: Time-Life Books, 1972, p. 42)

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