490-443 million years

Period: Ordovician
Location: Morocco

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Starfish generally live on the sea floor, and some species live at depths of 7,000 meters. Evolutionists are in a hopeless position when faced with these echinoderms, which have survived unchanged for around half a billion years. These creatures have remained exactly the same, not for 10 million or 100 million years, nor even for 200 million, but for roughly 500 million years. If evolutionists? claims were true, then starfish should long since have turned into different life forms over the course of 500 million years, and the remains of many odd-looking creatures, half-starfish and partly some other invertebrate, should be visible in the fossil record. Yet the fossil record contains no such evidence for evolutionists? claims.As the 490-million-year-old starfish pictured here proves, starfish have always existed as starfish, are not descended from any other life form, and never turned into any other species.

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