490-443 million years

Period: Ordovician
Location: Morocco

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Evolutionists claim that mollusks, echinodermata, arthropods, birds, insects, fish?and, in short, all living things?came into being from a single cell, as the result of blind chance, by undergoing small changes over millions of years. Yet they can never provide any scientific explanation of the stages by which these organisms, all with very different organs, structures and ways of feeding and totally different systems descended from one another. They have no fossils with which they can confirm this imaginary process. The countless fossils discovered to date show that every living species came into being with its own particular characteristics and that it preserved these features for so long as it remained in existence (for tens or even hundreds of millions of years). One example is the 490-million-year-old starfish fossil in the picture. Starfish, which have remained unchanged over the intervening 490 million years, have dealt a major blow to evolution.

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