54-37 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Monte Bolca, Italy

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This species of fish, a member of the family Menidae, is most frequently found in the Pacific Ocean. Many fossils have been acquired of this vertebrate, dating back to the Cenozoic era (65 million years ago, down to the present). Fossils of the species Mene maculata from the Monte Bolca Formation in particular are important examples showing that these fish have never changed over millions of years. Despite the presence of many fossils such as this, showing that mene fish have always remained the same, there are no fossils that show they are descended from other life forms, as evolutionists claim. J. R. Norman, one of the administrators of the British Museum of Natural History, describes how Darwinists’ claims regarding the emergence of fish are not based on any evidence: "The geological record has so far provided no evidence as to the origin of the fishes . . ." (J. R. Norman, "Classification and Pedigrees: Fossils," in A History of Fishes, 3rd ed., ed. Dr. P. H. Greenwood, London: British Museum of Natural History, 1975, p. 343)

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