320 million years

Period: Carboniferous
Location: Lancashire, UK

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The fossil pictured is evidence that ferns did not evolve from other plants, and have not transformed into ferns of our day by gradual changes. They have always remained as ferns, with all their features and functions. This fossil, 320 million years old, is evidence that as with all living and non-living things, Almighty God created plants; and that evolution is nothing but a scenario based on a figment of imagination. For the last 150 years, every corner of the Earth has been excavated in search of fossils, and millions of them have been discovered. But among all these fossils, there exists not a single half-developed specimen that possesses the features of two different living species- which can be termed an intermediate "missing link." Every fossil discovered so far reveals that living beings emerged all of a sudden and have never changed, as long as they did not become extinct. This has a clear implication: God created living beings..

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