45 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Baltic States, Jantarny, Russia

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False flower beetles, belonging to the Scarabaediae family, feed on the leaves of some plants. Fossil record shows that, like all other beetles, this species too had no change since it first appeared. These creatures have no intermediate form and are yet another one of the proofs of evolution"s invalidity. Evolutionists admit that no intermediate form was encountered in the fossil record. Boyce Rensberger took the floor at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, in a symposium in which the problems of gradual evolution was discussed by 150 evolutionists over four days: ""Instead of gradual change, fossils of each intermediate species appear fully distinct, persist unchanged, and then become extinct. Transitional forms are unknown."" (Boyce Rensberger, Houston Chronicle, 5 October 1980, Section 4, p. 15.)

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