95 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Haqel, Lebanon

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The crayfish pictured is 95 million years old, and there is no difference between it and crayfish living today. These invertebrates, which have undergone not the slightest change in the intervening 95 million years, show that evolutionists" claims are fantasies, products of the imagination, and that scientific data and findings do not support them in any way. Due to their materialist perspectives, Darwinists have a habit of making various assumptions and adorning them with Latin words and scientific terms difficult for ordinary members of the public to understand, presenting them as if they were scientific facts. The fact is, however, that the evidence showing the invalidity of evolution is perfectly clear. Even by a child of primary school age can easily understand it. One of these pieces of evidence is the fossil record. The absence of any difference between living things that existed hundreds of millions of years ago and specimens alive today totally undermines the concept of evolution.

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