95 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Haqel, Lebanon

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Darwin"s hypotheses regarding the origin of life were based on no scientific findings or experiments. However, with the support and encouragement he received from materialist biologists of the time, Darwin constructed a theory out of these hypotheses. According to his theory, all living things were descended from a supposed single primitive ancestor, underwent minute changes over a very long period of time, and thus became different from one another. This hypothesis has been confirmed by no concrete scientific findings, neither in Darwin"s own time nor in the intervening 150 years. On the contrary, all the fossils unearthed have revealed that living things have remained unchanged, often for tens of millions of years and sometimes for hundreds. His theory has collapsed in the face of science. One of the proofs of that collapse is the 95-million-year-old mantis shrimp pictured.

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