95 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Haqel, Lebanon

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The theory of evolution consists of a hypothesis. In order for that hypothesis to be regarded as scientific it needs to be testable or else confirmed by findings. Yet evolutionist fantasies lack these criteria. There is no significance or scientific value in the tales that Darwinists have been relating for so long, about how invertebrates supposedly turned into vertebrates, how fish living in the seas moved to the dry land as the oceans dried up, or how dinosaurs chasing flies began to fly themselves. They need to point to a single fossil of a half-invertebrate and half-vertebrate, half-fish and half-reptile or half-dinosaur and half-bird—if any such exist. Evolutionists are unable to point to any such fossils, yet there are a countless—and ever-increasing—number of fossils proving that evolution never happened at all. This 95-million-year-old fossilized mantis shrimp is one such example.

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