95 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Haqel, Lebanon

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Scientific findings reveal that evolution never happened. The mantis shrimp fossil illustrated is one proofs of this fact, which evolutionists attempt to conceal. There is no difference between this fossil and mantis shrimp living today. Mantis shrimp use arm-like appendages extending out of their chests in order to feed. Each of these is clawed. The second one is particularly large and is used for striking and holding prey. Since the second appendage closely resembles the claws of the mantis, these creatures are widely known as mantis shrimp. These appendages, which come in two types—speared and heeled—vary among species. A large mantis shrimp can strike as powerfully as a 22-caliber bullet. ("Seeing the World in Many Colors," Maryland University Web Site,

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