50 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Green River Formation, Uinta County, Utah, USA

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Darwin, 150 years ago, described one significant problem facing the theory of evolution: "Nothing is more extraordinary in the history of the Vegetable Kingdom, as it seems to me, than the apparently very sudden or abrupt development of the [taxonomically] higher plants." (Francis Darwin, The Life and Letters of Charles Darwin, "From Charles Darwin to J. D. Hooker, August 6, 1881," p. 248) The significance of Darwin"s reference to plants developing suddenly is that plant species did not emerge gradually, as the result of incremental changes. In other words, there is no evidence that they ever evolved. Since even Darwin saw how plant fossils argued against evolution, it is illogical for contemporary evolutionists to insist on the myth of "the evolution of plants."

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