FERN (With its counterpart)

300 million years

Period: Carboniferous
Location: Mazon Creek Formation, Illinois, USA

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Paleontological findings prove that ferns, like all other living things, did not emerge by way of evolution and that, on the contrary, they were created. Many contemporary scientists accept that the fossil record supports Creation rather than evolution, and that intermediate life forms exist only in evolutionists" imaginations. The evolutionist Hoimar von Ditfurth, author of the book Im Anfang war der Wasserstoff, says: "When we look behind us we see that there is no need to be surprised by the way we have failed to find any of the intermediate forms sought for in an almost painful manner. Because in all probability, no such intermediate stage ever existed." One of the findings confirming von Ditfurth"s comment is the 300-million-year-old fern fossil pictured here.

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