450 million years

Period: Ordovician
Location: Bromide Formation, Carter County, Oklahoma, USA

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The fossil record has revealed no life form that could possible be the supposed ancestor of starfish. Neither has it shown that starfish developed into any other life form over the course of time. This same dynamic applies to all living things. Darwinists have no fossil evidence through which they can maintain that life forms are descended from one another. The late evolutionist Stephen Jay Gould admitted how the accounts of the supposed evolution of marine invertebrates are nothing more than myths and are based upon no scientific evidence in the following terms: ". . . one feature stands out as most puzzling—the lack of clear order and progress through time among marine invertebrate faunas. We can tell tales of improvement for some groups, but in honest moments we must admit that the history of complex life is more a story of multifarious variation about a set of basic designs than a saga of accumulating excellence." (Stephen Jay Gould, "The Ediacaran Experiment," Natural History 2/84, p. 22)

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