290 million years

Period: Permian
Location: Rheinpfalz, Germany

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Evolutionists claim that fish are the supposed forerunners of amphibians like the salamander, even though they are completely unable to substantiate those claims. There are three different types of fish that Darwinists point to as the ancestors of amphibians. One of these is the famous "living fossil," the coelacanth. However, when a living specimen was caught in the Indian Ocean in 1938, it was finally realized that all the evolutionists’ speculations regarding this creature had been invalid. Another fish group come from the class Rhipidistia which—like the coelacanth—have thick tissue and bones in their fins. On account of these different structures, evolutionists claimed that these appendages developed into feet. The fact is, however, that these structures bear not the slightest resemblance to the fore and hind legs of terrestrial animals. Evolutionists’ third candidate for the role of amphibian ancestor is the lungfish. In addition to breathing through gills, these fish can also come to the surface and breathe air. However, the structure of these fishes’ lungs again bears no similarity to that of terrestrial life forms. The fish’s skeletal structure is also completely different from that of amphibians. No matter which species of fish evolutionists may choose to regard as the supposed forebear of amphibians, an enormous number of changes would be needed in order for that fish to be able to transform itself into an amphibian. Therefore, there should be an equally vast number of intermediate forms between the two: There must have been odd-looking creatures with half-formed feet and half-fins, with both half-gills and half-developed lungs, or with semi-developed kidneys etc, numbering in the millions. However, not a single one has ever been encountered in the fossil record. Among the countless fossils in existence, there are fully formed fish and fully formed amphibians, but no intermediate forms. This is something that evolutionists do admit from time to time, even though it totally refutes their theory.

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