58 million years

Period: Paleocene
Location: Sentinel Butte Formation, Dakota, USA

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The theory of evolution is not supported by scientific findings and goes no further than being a fantasy, as is stated by a great many scientists. In an article published in the journal Developmental Biology in 1996, the evolutionist biologists Gilbert, Opitz and Raff describe how Darwin"s theory of evolution is incapable of resolution: "As Goodwin (1995) points out, "the origin of species—Darwin"s problem—remains unsolved.""" (Scott F. Gilbert, John M. Opitz and Rudolf A. Raff, "Resynthesizing Evolutionary and Developmental Biology," Developmental Biology, Vol. 173, article no. 0032, 1996, p. 361) These words are an admission of the defeat suffered by the theory of evolution in the face of the scientific facts. The 58-million-year-old honeysuckle leaf pictured here once again makes this defeat plain for all to see.

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