23-5 million years

Period: Miocene
Location: Green River Formation, Douglas Pass, Colorado, USA

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Fossils prove that fish have always existed as fish and never descended gradually from any other life form. No odd-looking fossil with semi-developed gills, an as-yet unformed digestive system, or with rudimentary fins has ever been seen. Every fish fossil discovered shows that that fish was in full and complete possession of all the features of the family to which it belongs. For example, the 23-5-million-year-old razorfish fossil pictured here reveals that these species have remained the same, and have never altered, for millions of years. Faced by this evidence, Darwinists must stop blindly advocating the dogma of the myth of evolution and accept the truth indicated by science, which has proved that no evolutionary process ever took place, and has revealed that God has created living things.

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