25 million years

Period: Oligocene
Location: Dominic Republic

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One of the most important characteristics of these insects, members of the family Cerambycidae, is their antennae, many times longer than their bodies and reminiscent of stag antlers. The antennae of some species living in Asia are known to reach as long as 22 centimeters (8.7 in) in length. These creatures, fossilized in amber, have come down from millions of years in the past and openly declare the invalidity of the theory of evolution. Today, the fossil record is just about complete; and this fact comes as a terrible disappointment to evolutionist paleontologists. Although countless fossils have been discovered, not a single one constitutes any evidence for Darwinism. Moreover, the fossils unearthed not only provide no proof of evolution, but they also eliminate the false proofs submitted. In other words, fossil research has revealed a truth far from the expectations of Darwin and the evolutionists who came after him—the fact of Creation.

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