50 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Poland

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Some species of jumping spider are at the same time masters of camouflage. The Myrmarachne species of jumping spider, for instance, imitates ants—and not only their appearance, but also their behavior. The spider, having two more legs than an ant"s six, raises its two front legs in such a way as to resemble antennae, thus mimicking the ant"s six-legged appearance. But how did this spider compare its own appearance to that of ants? And with what intelligence did it work out how to minimize the differences between the two species? Moreover, spiders that lived millions of years ago possessed exactly the same ability. It is impossible for Darwinists to account for this in terms of any evolutionary mechanism. No doubt that, like all other living things, spiders act under the inspiration of God and use the characteristics and abilities that He bestowed on them.

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