8.6 million years

Period: Miocene
Location: He Zheng, Gan Su, China

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In suggesting that humans are supposedly descended from the apes, evolutionists point to various skulls as evidence of this—in their own eyes at least. Scenarios constructed around these skulls, which belong either to extinct apes or to different human races that existed at one time in the past, are all deceptions. There has been no change in the general anatomy or skull structure of any living thing throughout the course of time, and it is unrealistic to claim that apes underwent such a change. As the 8.6-million-year-old fox skull pictured here shows, fox skulls have never altered. Foxes did not suddenly decide to further develop their intelligence, expand their brain volumes and turn into another form of carnivore by altering their structures. Foxes have always been foxes, lions have always existed as lions, and apes have always been apes. As concrete findings make increasingly clear, the claim that living things descended from one another, and that the ancestor of humans was a species of ape, is a terrible lie.

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