9.3 million years

Period: Miocene
Location: Yun Nan, China

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If evolutionist claims were true, then the skulls of wolves that lived 9.3 million years ago should be markedly different from those of wolves living today. But as can be seen from the specimen pictured here, a present-day wolf skull and this 9.3-million-year-old one are identical. No wolf, in all the intervening millions of years, ever asked itself, "Why shouldn"t I expand my abilities and compose an opera?" and turned into a musician, or thought to itself, "Why don"t I design palaces?" and attempted to become an architect. As the fossil record clearly proves, not just wolves, but no other living species has undergone any changes in its physical structure, and no life form has ever developed into another. Darwinists, however, claim that evolutionary changes- which are nowhere to be seen in the physical characteristics of fish, insects, reptiles, birds or mammals- actually took place in apes; and that some species of ape turned into human beings. Yet by itself, the stasis in all living species is sufficient to show that this claim is a lie.

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