78 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Guang Dong, China

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Altering skulls belonging to extinct species of apes and portraying these as evidence of supposed human evolution has literally become a habit for Darwinists. Although their hoaxes have been exposed each and every time, the way that they persist in doing so is an indication of their despair- because millions of fossil skull specimens belonging to countless life forms have proved that neither the living things we see today, nor those that lived in the past and which we encounter abundantly in the fossil record, ever underwent evolution. Fossils document that tigers have always existed as tigers, wolves as wolves, rhinoceroses as rhinoceroses, and orangutans as orangutans. The 78-million-year-old fossil tiger pictured here is just one example. There is no difference between the skulls of tigers that existed 78 million years ago and those alive today.

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