80 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Yun Nan, China

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The way that the media attempt to portray Darwinism as an "indisputable" scientific fact is actually the result of an ideological struggle. In fact, Darwinism is well known to be an outdated theory that increasingly conflicts with scientific findings. Fossils are one of the many findings that verify this. Evolutionists claim that humans and apes are supposedly descended from a common ancestor, but are unable to account for the lack of the slightest change in the skull, head structure, or skeleton of any living thing over tens of millions of years. The question of why apes should one day have developed into human beings when no such change took place in the anatomy of any other species goes unanswered. Evolutionists have no rational answer to the question of why monkeys, and bears did not begin speaking, composing, producing pictures and statues, constructing impressive buildings, writing novels, poems, plays and screenplays, making technological discoveries and exploring space. In the same way that no bear one day decided to acquire advanced features and turn into another life form, so apes did not turn into human beings. Bears have always existed as bears, apes as apes, and human beings as human beings. The 80-million-year-old bear fossil pictured here is no different from specimens alive today, revealing this fact for all to see.

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