150 million years

Period: Jurassic
Location: Solnhofen Formation, Germany

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If shrimps really had an evolutionary forebear of the kind that Darwinists maintain, then there should be fossilized examples of what kind of a creature that alleged “proto-shrimp” looked like. Yet the fossil record provides not the slightest evidence that any such ancestor ever lived. Moreover, the fossil record contains no trace at all of any evolutionary stages that shrimps supposedly went through. No “shrimp-like” fossil has ever been found that that has not yet acquired all the particular characteristics of modern-day shrimps. No matter how old they are, all fossilized shrimps are identical to those still living today. The 150-million-year-old shrimp pictured here also possesses all of present-day shrimps’ flawless features. Under these circumstances, no one can speak logically of “shrimp evolution.” Like all other living species, shrimps never evolved at all. Life is the work of our Glorious and Majestic God.

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