42 milllion years 73 million years

Period: Eocene Cretaceous
Location: Zhe Jiang, China China

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The known fossil record is not, and has never has been, in accord with gradualism. What is remarkable is that, through a variety of historical circumstances, even the history of opposition has been obscured. . . . “The majority of paleontologists felt their evidence simply contradicted Darwin’s stress on minute, slow, and cumulative changes leading to species transformation.” . . . their story has been suppressed. (S. M. Stanley, The New Evolutionary Timetable: Fossils, Genes, and the Origin of Species, New York: Basic Books Inc., 1981, p. 71.) As Professor S. M. Stanley of Harvard University describes it, the theory of evolution is full of lies, implied confessions and objections—because Darwinists are well aware that the fossil records invalidate their theory. One of these specimens that discredit the theory of evolution is the 42-million-year-old brown bear skull pictured.

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