4.4 million years

Period: Pliocene
Location: Zi Bo, China

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Darwinists have created a story to explain the supposed evolution of every single life form. Since Darwinism is not based upon reason, logic or any scientific evidence, producing a scenario regarding the development of a specific life form depends on the power of conjecture, Darwinists’ most highly developed talent. But Darwinists never expected that so many fossils would be discovered revealing that living never changed with the passage of time. They imagined that “living fossils” were very few in number and could easily be explained away, at least to their own minds. They never thought that such definitive proof would be unearthed that all living things have remained exactly the same. Therefore, they never expected that one by one, all their tall tales would be totally discredited. They were unaware that every plot would eventually, as a law of Allah, be neutralized. Since this 4.4-million-year-old bear skull is identical to the skulls of bears alive today, it constitutes a definitive refutation of the theory of evolution.

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