31 million years

Period: Oligocene
Location: Jiang Xi, China

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Hoimar von Ditfurth, author of The Silent Night of the Dinosaurs, says, When we look back, we see that we need not be surprised that we have been unable to find those transitional forms so almost painfully sought. Because in all likelihood, no such intermediate stage ever happened. (Wasserstoff, “Secret Night of the Dinosaurs”, Vol. 2 (pp. 22-23 in Turkish edition). Even though von Ditfurth has tried to rescue evolutionists from their predicament by referring to a “strong possibility,” the fact still remains that no stage-by-stage process ever happened. All stages of the fossil record is full of living things that emerged suddenly, fully formed, and with all their limbs and organs, as opposed to entities that came into being through a gradual process. One such example is the 31-million-year Tasmanian devil skull illustrated here.

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