65 million years

Period: Paleocene
Location: Ma Ling Mountain, China

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All the important details, including the teeth, of this animal can be seen in this 65-million-year-old skull. The universe created by Allah contains flawless marvels of Creation. Every manifestation of beauty created in the universe is also a manifestation of His omniscience and sublime artistry. It is Allah Who creates from nothing, and there are no bounds to His Creation. Darwinism tries to make people forget that we inhabit a universe filled with perfect details. In fact, however, anyone looking at all the innumerable living things and seeing how these, have all lived in exactly the same form for millions of years—as this 65 million year-old lynx skull demonstrates—will be freed from this indoctrination and come to the conclusion we inhabit a world of true marvels. All entities are the work of Almighty Allah.

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