65 million years

Period: Cretaceous
Location: Qing Hai, China

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When a living thing first appears in the fossil record, it then continues on in the same form for the millions of years that follow. All the fossils illustrated in this book, such as this 65-million-year-old coyote skull, are just a few examples. Like all other life forms, coyotes of 65 million years ago possessed the same appearance and structures as they do today. This totally demolishes the whole concept of evolution. This state of affairs, which applies to all living things, inevitably applies to human beings as well. Humans have always existed as human beings, ever since the moment they were first created, and have never undergone the slightest change. Given that so many life forms clearly refute all claims of evolution, there can be no scientific foundation to the scenarios concerning human evolution dreamed up by Darwinists.

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