50 million years

Period: Eocene
Location: Poland

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By evaluating scientific findings from a neutral perspective, anyone can easily see that Darwin’s claims are untrue. To date, for example, Darwin’s claim that living species undergo small inherited changes over the course of time has not been supported by any scientific data. All we have are fantasies, the work of Darwinists’ imaginations, and ideological insistence. The well-known British biologist Brian Goodwin describes how Darwin’s theory enjoys no scientific backing: Darwin"s assumption that the tree of life is a consequence of the gradual accumulation of small hereditary differences appears to be without significant support. Some other process is responsible for the remergent properties of life, those distinctive features that separate one group of organisms from another—fishes and amphibians, worms and insects, horsetails and grasses. (George Wald, "The origin of life”, Scientific American, vol. 191 (2), August 1954, p.48) By referring to another process as responsible for the emergence of living things, Goodwin is actually referring to the fact of Creation, although he is reluctant to openly describe it as such. Yet the fact that he is so unwilling to admit can still be seen by anyone possessed of reason.

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